Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Mystery Revealed

Rule-Breaking Quilts - June 2013

Kathryn Schmidt had our attention from the moment she started pulling her stash out of her bag. We realized we had all built our stashes the very same way!
Kathryn has broken out of the traditional quilting into a very modern style all her own.
It was interesting to see how she had developed her free motion quilting. And her bead work was lovely.


The Mystery Quilts Revealed

Thirty-five ladies revealed their mystery quilts that they had worked on all winter.

Raffle Quilt Peek

MaryLou Hallenbeck is asking for suggestions for the border for this raffle quilt.

Spring is here!

 Anita Grossman-Soloman  -  May 2013

Many of our members were fortunate enough to attend the "Self-Mitered Log Cabin" workshop given by Anita Grossman-Solomon before our Guild Meeting in May.  They spent most of the day learning how she uses color placement in her quilts.

Anita started her Guild presentation with a slide show of how she had developed her style of "Making it Simpler" along with the "No Waste" technique for cutting fabrics for quilts.  Then Anita treated us to a fabulous showcase of her quilts.
Can you see how this simple wall hanging of tumbling blocks is reversible?
Each tumbling block is created to stand along with a piece of fabric on the backside.  Each block was then carefully tacked together at the top and bottom of each side only.

Half Square Triangle Challenge Winners  -  April 2013

Terrie Alexander 3rd  -  Maryte Collard 2nd  -  Karri Howe 1st

Anne Richards 1st  -  Elizabeth Hewett 3rd  - Clara Rauner 2nd

Chris Keppel 2nd  -  Dolores Ray 3rd  -  Phyllis Slete 1st

Beth Donaldson  -  February 2013

We were treated to a slide show depicting "1930 Quilting in Detroit" by Beth Donaldson from MSU Museum.  Included in the presentation were slides of the Clarke Family Quilt Collection that the Museum owns.  Quilt patterns were typically syndicated and published in the daily newspapers during this time.  Beth also brought along many quilts dating back to the 30's to share with us. 

 Long-Arm Quilters  -  January 2013
Rebecca Turner  -  Jeanne Perrine  -  Nancy Borgeson
Karen Trumble  -  Terrie Alexander  -  Shelby Wyatt
These ladies were full of great tidbits that we need to know when using a long-arm quilter.  They covered everything from what type of batting to use, to the size needed for the back, to choosing the quilt design. 

Eunice Scully  -  October 2013

During the day Eunice Scully hosted a workshop for her Spinning Star Hexagon Quilt.  Her trunk show consisted of many items including miniatures, wall-hangings and full-size quilts along with a jacket, vest and purses.          
So many of us liked the Clamshell Log Cabin quilt that Eunice came back this spring and did two workshops for us.

Installation of Officers

September brings us cool weather and autumn leaves falling.  It is also our Guild's annual dinner and Installalation of Officers.  Dinner was brought in from Prime Cut Catering and served by Blue Diamond Concierge.  The guild members outdid themselves with the scrumptious desserts.
Roast Beef, Kaiser Buns, Baked Beans, and 7-Layer Salad
Lucy Draper and Lyn Brown

2012~2013 Officers

Back Row left to right:
President - Cheryl Zombo     1st Vice-President - Pat Abersold     Treasurer - Lyn Compau
Corresponding Secretary - Bonnie Streeter     Director (Programs) - Rebecca Turner
Historian - Sharon Bannister     Quilt Show Chair - Elizabeth Hewett
Front Row left to right:
Membership Chair - Carol Waudby     Director (Member At Large)- Vikke Grueneburg     Recording Secretary - Karri Howe
Past-President - Marilyn Deverell     2nd Vice-President - Becky Kopico     Director (Community Outreach)- Karen Trumble

 Thank You Marilyn!  While our Past-President collected her many blocks of appreciation from the guild members, our new Vice-President gave a short presentation filled with many interesting facts about our Guild titled "Did you know... ???"



Mystery Quilt - Suzi Walker and Carol Waudby introduced this year's Mystery Quilt.  (See the blog posted below for the details)  Guild members must purchase Debbie Caffrey's pattern in order to participate.  Each month starting in November, Suzi and Carol will give us a new piece to the puzzle...and in May we should be ready to show off our pieced tops or finished quilts.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

???  Mystery Quilt Information  ???

     In November we will be starting a mystery quilt designed by Debbie Caffrey, who has written several quilting books, including the Noodle Soup series.  When you are taking part in a mystery quilt, you will be given a list of fabrics that are needed, along with specific cutting and sewing directions, but here's the mystery...you will not know what the completed quilt looks like until the final clue is handed out!
     Sign up will be from the September Guild Meeting until our October Guild Meeting.  The cost will be $6.00 per participant.  There is no limit to the number of people who can participate...but you must sign up and pay your money by October 29th so the patterns can be ordered.  
     In November, we will hand out the initial set of clues which includes the supply list, specifics about fabric choice and amounts, and the first set of cutting instructions.  Choices will be available for lap, twin, and larger-sized quilts.  Don't worry, we are giving you time to complete all your holiday projects, for the Mystery Quilt steps can be done in January.  Then, at the January meeting, you will receive the second set of clues.  Complete these and receive the next set at our February meeting.  You will continue receiving mystery clues again in March and in April.
     In May, we will have "The Big Reveal!"...  a Mini-Quilt Show of how our mystery quilts turned out.  At that time, we would like the participants to bring in their pieced quilt tops, or their finished quilts, for an awesome show-and-tell!
     We hope that this Mystery Quilt Activity will be one that's fun and gives you lots of joy!
 Suzi Walker and Carol Waudby  (posted Sept. 25, 2012)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Summer Time Fun


Monday, August 27 started out raining so it was a perfert day to go to Hankerd Inn for a workshop with Anita Shackleford - Focus on Fabric.  Anita showed us how to take a simple shape to cut out pieces from our focus fabric and then to create a background using a porportional guide throughout the piece.

That evening at the Guild Meeting Anita gave a presentation showing her collection of older quilts that she had purchased and the flaws that had keep them from getting finished.  With her eye for detail, she took them apart and put them back together with great care. 

Our guest speaker July 30th was Jennifer Burg of Jennifer's Quilt Shop in Pinckney, Mi.  Jennifer's love of 30's fabric shown throughout her trunk show.  She also carries Civil War Reproduction Fabrics.  I think I see many road trips being planned to Pinckney.

Jason Novak from Gall Sewing in Lansing, Michigan spoke at our June Guild Meeting with loads of great information on the proper care of our sewing machine along with tips on the proper thread and needles to use. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

And the Winners are!

It was hard waiting through the Guild Meeting Monday night to find out who had won People's Choice at our Quilt Show over the weekend.  We are pleased to present our winners.

First Place - Cynthia Feller

Second Place - Becky Kopicko

Third Place - Denise Olson

Fourth Place - Marie Dunlop (tied)

Fourth Place - Joanne Wyatt (tied)



Sixth Place - Ruth Royer

Fifth Place - Karen Penrod

Congratulations Ladies - Great Job on your  quilts!

And here are the winners of the Quilt Show Raffle Quilts.  Hope you enjoy them.

Quilt #1 - My Grandmother's Bunnies
Suz Poufcas of Jackson, Mi

Quilt #2 - Hop To It
Ruth Lee of Portage,  Mi

#3 - Trip Around The World
Jeanne Perrine
#4 - 4-Patch Posies
Darlene Smith with Quilt Designer
Mary Lou Hallenbeck

May is our Guild's business meeting and next year's officers were elected as follows:
President - Cheryl Zombo                                          Directors
President Elect - Pat Abersold                                    Becky Kopicko 
Treasurer - Lyn Compu                                              Karen Trumble
Secretary - Karrie Howe                                            Vikkie Grueneberg
Corresponding Secretary - Bonnie Streeter

Dorothy Lowe led us through a "Scavenger Hunt".  Four gals were sent to four different locations to find items that could be used in our sewing rooms.  They shopped at an Office Supply, Hardware, Dollar Store and Goodwill..  We had great fun with all the items they came back with.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

2012 Challenge Quilts

At tonight's April 30th meeting, all the gals who took up the challenge of "Pure Michigan" brought in their projects for the members to vote on.  A total of 44 kits containing the fabric piece were sold but only 12 ladies finished this challenge.  Everyone who completed this task did a great job and it was hard for the members to vote for only one in each of the two categories: those who have won before, and those who have not.

(left to right)
Previous Winners
Third Place - Jane Wilken     Second Place - Maryke Collard     First Place - Marie Fisher
First Time Winners
Third Place - Yvonne Radford      Second Place - Connie Kress     First Place - Cindy Perez

Our thanks to Marj Hobe and Debbie Barrett for putting together this years Challenge!

The ladies that took Cathey Newhouse's Ricky Timm's Kaleidoscope workshop last month brought in their finished wall hangings.  Everyone started out by making strip stratas to cut into different triangles and then sewed them back together, not knowing how they would turn out.  They all turned out  to be beautiful!

Janet Rochefort announced our our proposed slate of officers for next month:
President - Cheryl Zombo
President Elect - Pat Abersold
Treasurer - Lyn Compu
Secretary - Karri Howe
Corresponding Secretary - Bonnie Streeter
Directors (3) - Sharon Bannister, Karen Trumble, Becky Kopicko