Wednesday, April 25, 2012

March - National Quilting Month

As a way to honor National Quilting Month, we chose to watch an episode from The Kentucky Quilt Project's Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics. This is a very interesting and inspiring series that was aired on Public Television. The 2-disc set can be found in our library.  This nine-part television series presents quilts as more than just a hobby. It takes the viewer on a journey and introduces new ideas and uncovers the depth of the quilt culture through history.

During our break there were two demonstrations to stop by and see.  Debbie Barrett showed how to make chenille quick and simple.  And Aggie Straub did a "Fold and Stitch" runner. 

During the day Cathey Newhouse held a workshop on Ricky Tims Kaladoscope quilt.  Linda Burke had her strata piece from the workshop with her.  I'm sure it's very simple but it sure looks complicated!

Our Favorite Valentine

Our very own in-house Quilt Designer, Mary Lou Hallenbeck, was our guest speaker for February. We can always count on seeing something new and very special when she speaks at the Guild.  Leave it to her to find quilt patterns in antique glass dishes!  Her presentation on seeing the pattern in glassware and designing quilts patterns was so enticing.  Mary Lou had us all going home to see what patterns we could find in our dishes.

New Beginings for the New Year

Debbie Barrett started out the evening with a simple explanation of how to do the “Y” seam in the LeMoyne Star for this month’s technique segment.

Sue Stanton from Sew Unique Threads Quilt Shop in Battle Creek had so much to show us using many different techniques to enhance and embellish our quilts and projects.  She shared many different embroidery tips using different threads and yarns.  She also explained how to paint on fabric to make our own unique blocks. 

Cathey Newhouse showed an example of what is in store for her March workshop.

Asymmetrical November Fun

Marj Hobe introduced the second block in our Block of the month. Many of our members have a good start on the first block, including Clara Rauner who scaled it down to a miniature size.

Debbie Barrett demonstrated how to cut and weave strips fabric for a dimensional effect. 


Many of our members took the workshop held during the day and it was fun to see what they had accomplished.


We had a great time with our guest speaker Sheri Jaqua showing us several asymmetrical blocks and multiple ways of putting them together to create quite a variety of different looks.

Everything Coming up Quilts

Make sure you check out the information for our Quilt Show in May.  Click on the pages to the right to see the four raffle quilts and more details on the show.