School Bell Quilt In

How did you celebrate National Quilt Day on March 17th?

A group of Pieces and Patches Quilt Guild members met at Country Stitches for the School Bell Sew Day  to learn some new techniques, share project ideas and to celebrate the National Quilt Day.  Special thanks to Elizabeth Hewett, Marj Hobe, Connie Kress and Cheri Pickett for sharing their time, expertise and skills to show the group how to color quilt blocks, make silk ribbon roses and learn new ways to make bias binding.  

April Koenig said" Thank you for organizing and giving us helpful hints.  It was a great day of learning and fun!

March 17, 2018

Country Stitches, Jackson, MI

9AM – 4 PM

It is time for the School Bell Quilt In.  As for previous School Bell’s the cost will be $5.00.  This covers the cost of the facility and any handouts. 

A sign-up sheet will be available at the February Guild Meeting.  There is a limit of 35 people due to space limitations and safety regulations.

There will be a pot luck luncheon from 12 PM – 1 PM.  If you wish to leave and come back that is fine too!  Plates, silverware and napkins will be provided.  Please bring a dish to pass and your own drink(s).

Set-up time will be from 9 AM – 9:15 AM.  Clean-up will be from 3:45 PM – 4 PM.  And there will be door prizes throughout the day! 

There will be an Open Sew, four classes and one demonstration going on throughout the day.  You may participate in all of them or just the ones of your choice.  Please make note of the times.   

Open Sew: This will be going on all day.  There are multiple reasons to have an open sew.  First, it is a wonderful way to meet Guild members that you may not know or want to get to know better.  Second, this is the place to work on those UFO’s that are hiding in the closet, under the bed, in the garage… Additionally there is always someone there who can help you with something if you don’t know how to do it or you may the special person that can help someone else.  It is always a good source for “what if…”

The other four classes are: Coloring Quilt Blocks, Enhancing with Embroidery, Silk Ribbon Rose(s), Fabulous Fabric Flowers and a demonstration on how to make and use Bias Tape.  These were planned to build a sampler and not necessarily to complete a project at the School Bell Quilt In. The center block of this sampler will be your opportunity to learn how to use crayons and another method called melted crayon applique.  Each border will be another technique or a combination of the techniques. 

Morning Classes: Coloring Quilt Blocks, with Connie Kress, and Enhancing with Embroidery with Marj Hobe, will be during the morning.  We will break in to two groups and half way through the morning will switch instructors.

Afternoon Classes: Silk Ribbon Rose(s), with Marj Hobe, and Fabulous Fabric Flowers, with Cheri Pickett, will be during the afternoon.  We will break in to two groups and half way through the afternoon will switch instructors.

Demonstration: The demonstration on making bias tape will be shown by Elizabeth Hewett when we switch instructors in the morning and again in the afternoon when we switch instructors.

Please Note:

Please read all of the information below very carefully.  It would be helpful if you would have at least two borders sewn onto your center square.

Supply List

Coloring Quilt Blocks: Instructor Connie Kress

Contact Information: 517-990-7761       E-mail:



Above are pictures from the internet of things you can do when coloring on fabric.  You will need:

Coloring Quilt Block

·       A 12 ½” fabric for the center square.  It must be a light color so that they can trace a design on it.  Muslin works well.  .

·       Crayons – it doesn’t matter who manufactures them. (Crayola has the least amount of wax but Prang gives a brighter color.)

·       A design of their choice.  However Connie will bring several designs that you can use.

·       A pigma pen to trace the design.  This would be a permanent pen like Micron

·       A light box if you have one

Melted Crayon Applique

  ·       All of the above plus

o   A Lite Weight Heat and Bond

o   Applique pressing sheet

Enhancing with Embroidery: Instructor Marj Hobe

Contact Information: 517-917-6960       E-mail:


Above are pictures from the internet of things you can do when enhancing your quilts with embroidery stitches.  You will need:

·       Perel Cotton # 8 and #12 in colors of your choice

·       A Chenille Needle (This is a size 22 neede)

·       Tear away stabilizer

·       Embellishemnts if desired (Pearls, buttons, beads, etc.)

Silk Ribbon Rose(s):  Instructor Marj Hobe

Contact Information: 517-917-6960       E-mail:


Above are pictures from the internet of different silk ribbon roses.  Marj will teach you how to make some silk roses that you can use to enhance a special quilt or project. You will need:

·       There are three chenille needle sizes that are commonly used in ribbon embroidery: Size 24 is for 2mm wide silk ribbon. Size 18 is perfect for 4mm and 7mm wide silk ribbon. Size 13 is for 13mm wide ribbon.

·       Silk ribbon – and yes silk ribbon not a blend.  You will need three colors:

o   Yellow  2mm

o   Color of ribbon for your rose(s)  4mm

o   Green  7mm

Silk ribbon can be purchased on line.  You will want to look for either YLI or River Silk.  They can be purchased at:

·     At Piecemakers you can purchase silk ribbon by the yard. 

·              YLI silk ribbon can also be found on EBay.

Fabulous Fabric Flowers: Instructor Cheri Pickett

Contact Information: 517-531-8140       E-mail:


Above are pictures from the internet of different fabric flowers.  Cheri will teach you how to make some fabric flowerss that you can use to enhance a special quilt or project. You will need:

·       Various colors of fabric

·       Basic sewing supplies (Needle,thread, scissors, ruler, etc.)

Demonstration: Instructor Elizabeth Hewett

Contact Information: 517-75-4313       E-mail:


This is a demonstrationon how to make and use bias tape, fusible bias tape and some of the ides that you can do when you know how to make your own bias tape.  The tools that will be used are:

·       A 10” square of fabric

·       Basic sewing supplies (Rotory cutter, scissors, cutting mat, ruler, etc.)

·       Bias tape maker

·       Fusible

·       Applique sheet

Please join us for a fund day.  If you would like to sign-up for the School Bell Quilt In before the February Guild meeting, call Elizabeth Hewett at 517-750-4313 or e-mail her at