Monday, August 8, 2011

Color My Quilts with Jackie Fox

Jackie Fox was our Guild guest speaker on Monday, July 25th.  Jackie did a wonderful job in explaining a simple color wheel and how we can use it to enhance our quilts. The first thing we all notice in a quilt that we like is the color and how the quilter played with the placement of color in the quilt.  Even when we look at magazines, we are drawn to quilts because of their color.  Challenge yourself to take a simple block, draw it out on paper, and color it in using colors and shades of colors to see what happens.  Learn to experiment and have fun using color with your quilt designs.

Jackie had taught a workshop on border designs during the day at Hankerd Inn.  It can be a lot of fun designing an intricate border to put on a quilt to make it pop.  If you don’t have enough border fabric to frame your quilt, next time use a border technique to fill it out.

Doretta Wilson did the mini demonstration of how to make an apron out of a man’s shirt.  It is a great idea for those of you who still use aprons.  Take the left-over pieces to trim a towel and potholder.  Pair them with the apron and you have a nice shower gift!

In August there will be a workshop on “paper-piecing” with Dan Burke as the instructor.  The table-runner that will be made is quite striking in design.  It is also a good time to try out what we learned regarding color use at out last meeting.  I’m looking forward to learning some good tricks and techniques to improve my skills with paper-piecing.  Dan will be showing his trunk show during our Guild meeting.

Mary Jane Erwin spoke about the workshop coming in November with Sherrie Jaqua on making an asymmetrical block and being able to arrange it in many different ways for many different looks.  You are not going to want to miss the opportunity to work with such a great quilter and teacher!  We will post more information in the upcoming months.